The poultry value chain project titled “Upscaling KALRO Improved Indigenous Chicken in Kisumu and Siaya Counties” is a two-year project implemented by Support for Tropical Initiatives in Poverty Alleviation (STIPA). The project is being implemented in four sub-counties, that is, Nyakach and Seme in Kisumu County including Alego Usonga and Bondo in Siaya County. The project is further being implemented in the following 8 wards: Central Nyakach, North Nyakach in Nyakach Sub County; East Seme, North West Seme in Seme Sub County; Central, South East in Alego Usonga Sub County; South Sakwa and West Sakwa in Bondo Sub County. The overall objective of the project is to increase the adoption and production of KALRO Improved Indigenous Chicken (KIIC) among smallholder farmers to improve food security, employment, and incomes.

Key Achievements Achievements

1. A total of 10,000 farmers have been directly reached with 1,618 farmers adopting the technology. So far, 1,233 farmers have graduated from subsistence farming to commercial farming. Through the support of STIPA, 1618 farmers have been linked to input suppliers, financial service providers, markets, and other stakeholders including the Ministry of Agriculture at the sub-county and county levels. 2. The project in collaboration with local media houses has indirectly reached 10,000,000 beneficiaries across the country, through radio talk shows, spots, and mentions (based on listenership records from radio stations). 3. The KIIC project has created 6 jobs for 3,368 people in the value chain. The nutrition aspect among beneficiaries has been at the core with a total of 1,098,139 eggs and 58,587 KIIC having been consumed at the household level during the project period. 4. A total of 67,411-day-old chicks have been distributed to farmers through the multiplier effect. 5. The project has so far generated a total cumulative income of Kes. 72,807,100.00 (seventy-two million, eight hundred seven thousand, one hundred Kenya Shillings only) through the sale of eggs, chicks, mature chicken and the sale of organic manure.

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