KALRO project


Dissemination of Newly Released High Yielding and Drought Tolerant Bean Seeds from Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). European Union and Government of Kenya. Contracting Agency: Agriculture Financing Kenya Climate Smart Agricultural Productivity Project (AgriFi Kenya CS APP). Target Farmers and Regions: Smallholder Farmer Groups in Kisumu, Siaya, and Vihiga Counties. Duration of Project: January 2020 – December 2021, including three cropping seasons. STIPA was sub-contracted by AgriFi Kenya CS APP to disseminate three newly released high yielding and drought tolerant Bean seeds from KALRO. The bean varieties included: 1) Nyota (KAD 02) 2) Angaza (KMR 11): Yellow Bean (KAT B1). The small holder farmers receive at least 2 Kg seeds per new variety, for free. STIPA in collaboration with agricultural experts, in collaboration, local agricultural extension officers, provide the farmers with free technical advice on production, processing and marketing of beans.