STIPA offers opportunities for students in Africa and the world at large to get firsthand experience in the humanitarian work
The Volunteer and Internship Program is offered for a period of not less than one week and not more than six months. A variety of opportunities are offered for students to gain firsthand experience in an African context.

The offer extends opportunities to both local, national and international students.  The young and old, individuals and institutions have the opportunity to participate in our community programs and help make a difference.

Areas of Intervention
•    Water and Sanitation
•    Health intervention
•    Health Financing
•    HIV and AIDS
•    Information Technology and Media
•    Men Empowerment
•    Participatory Integrated Community Development
•    Research
•    Education and School Placement

Policy Statement
STIPA recognizes the dual benefits that can be derived from Volunteer and Internship Program. While both Volunteer and Internships Programs may be part of a learning program, volunteer opportunities are also offered to post-school candidates who may be on sabbatical or who want to contribute to community services to serve the common good.
•    Volunteers and Internships at STIPA are defined as structured learning experiences in which interns are exposed to the various aspects of STIPAs operations and programs.

•    All Volunteer and Internship placements are based on clearly identified needs driven by the objectives of STIPA’s Vision and Mission Statement.

•    STIPA coordinates Volunteers and Internships as a supervised program of work and study based on clearly-defined terms that are mutually beneficial to the intern and to STIPA.

•    Interested individuals must apply and be selected in order to join STIPAs Volunteer and Internship.

Scope of the Volunteer and Internship Program
•    Internships are open to Diploma, Degree, Post-graduate and Doctorate students who wish to acquire knowledge and experience of a real work environment to the mutual benefit of both the organization and the Intern. Interns are fully involved in the work program of the unit relevant to their studies under the supervision of a responsible staff member.

•    Interns are expected to contribute their skills, knowledge and competencies while acquiring supplemental training in their areas of specialization but are not full-time employees. They are not substitutes for full-time staff.

•    STIPA does not offer any payment for internship.


Logistical Information

The costs you need to meet are:

  • Return flight (International and local [where applicable])
  • Visa fees
  • Work permit
  • Vaccination
  • Travel insurance
  • Ground transportation and airport transfers
  • Accommodation and meals

STIPA offers a wide range of choice for accommodation which varies in price. Contact us for more information.
You will also need a weekly budget to cover your expenses like food, bottled water, personal costs, public.

Placement Period
Applications will be processed at least two weeks in advance of the internship commencement.

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  • Participatory Integrated Community Development Training
    22nd November 2015 – 2nd December 2015.

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