Collaborative Dairy Improvement Project

About project
The project works with dairy farmers to increase and sustain family income through dairy farming. This will be achieved through improving farmers’ knowledge and skills in dairy farming, dairy breeds and breeding, dairy support services, milk value chain and marketing.

The Maasai kept livestock for subsistence. This sector has not been developed well in Narok County. This has weakened the economy of pastoralists so much that they cannot keep pace with changes in Kenya. This has led to a situation of constant low family income. Major problems are poor livestock production methods, poor agriculture practices and lack of business skills.

Low family income leads to other secondary problems, food shortage leading to malnourishment, health problems, lack of education, slowed household development, youth problems and poverty.

This project is expected to bring change in the following areas. Livestock nutrition, improve farmers production skills, disease control, service delivery, livestock breeding, availability of agricultural and livestock supplies, farmers’ owned by shares, milk processing packaging and marketing and farmers access finances to support their development.

How the project works
Capacity building of farmers through training, improve dairy cows through breeding and acquiring high yielders, promote AgroVet to provide supplies to dairy farmers, Milk processing, packaging and marketing and support farmers SACCO

The beneficiaries are families in two river catchment areas.
Keyian Upper: 10,200

Who could use that approach?
Dairy farmers groups, SACCOs, dairy support organizations, donors and investors can use this integrated approach.

Who is using it already?
This is a new integrated approach Farm Africa is using the Agrovet approach and Farmers in Kericho are packing and marketing own milk.

  • Participatory Integrated Community Development Training
    22nd November 2015 – 2nd December 2015.

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