Indicator Development for Surveillance in Urban Emergencies


What is it about?
The project carries out a longitudinal research quarterly in the urban informal settlements in Kisumu East and North Districts. The project interventions include door to door household data collection, Focus Group Discussions (FGD), Key Informant Interviews (KII) and market surveys. The research enables recognition that urban slum dwellers represent both a highly vulnerable and underserved populations.

Why is it relevant?
•    To gather data to enable development of indicators for urban slum.
•    To compare what constitutes a crisis in the urban slums.
•    To develop practical set of indicators to counter urban emergencies that can be sustainable for triggering humanitarian 

What does it change?
The project aims at improving the lives of people living in the informal settlements through development initiatives.

How does it work?
It helps the slums to have standard indicators to compare the conditions within the country both in the rural and urban setting. The project enables organisations to prioritise intervention initiatives.

Who are the beneficiaries?
People living in the informal settlements

Who could use that approach?
Local NGOs development CBOs and community members

  • Participatory Integrated Community Development Training
    22nd November 2015 – 2nd December 2015.

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