Community Peace Project



What is it about?
The project was geared towards enhancing peace and mitigating conflict situations.  The project was implemented in Kisumu City as it has suffered the aftermath of post-election violence and Songhor and Sondu border regions who have also experience ethnic violence.

Why is it relevant?
•  The programme approached children going to Sunday School every Sunday. A group of 70 – 110 children and their teachers from various parishes in and around Kisumu have been touring parishes and spread their peace messages by means of skits, poems and songs.  
• The project encouraged schools and students through their drama clubs to come up with a storyline on peace, reconciliation after their experiences with the PEV.

What does it change?
The project aims are reducing the levels and effects of post election violence among people in affected areas.

How does it work?
Community Peace approach is used where the following methods are applied:  
•    School and community outreaches
•    Initiation of peace  clubs
•    Youth forums
•    Street children counselling
•    Church outreaches
•    Sensitization meetings
•    Trainings

Who are the beneficiaries?
Youths in and out of school, Communities

Who could use that approach?
Local NGOs Communities s and CBOs

  • Participatory Integrated Community Development Training
    22nd November 2015 – 2nd December 2015.

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