Community Based Health Financing (CBHF)

What is it about?
•    CBHF is an innovative health financing concept that provides an alternative mechanism for promoting equitable access to affordable quality health care services to the low income earners, especially those working in the informal sector through a pre-payment micro health insurance scheme.

•    CBHF schemes are financed, managed and owned by the communities themselves.

What are the principles of CBHF scheme management?
•    Self – Financing
•    Self-management
•    Community Ownership

Why is it relevant?
Health insurance cover for the informal sector has remained a challenge in most developing countries including Kenya due to various reasons such as the typical small tax base with a large informal sector, weak income and asset taxes as well as over dependency on donors and international trade. In Kenya, more than 70% of the populations are working in the informal sector while less than 20% of the population (mainly formal sector employees) is covered by any kind of social health insurance.

What does it change?
Through CBHF, communities are able to put their resources together upfront in a pool and access health care services when one falls sick.
The members of CBHF schemes do not need to pay out of pocket fee when they fall sick.

What are the basic principles of CBHF?
•    Mutual aid
•    Health risk pooling
•    Voluntary
•    Solidarity

What are the benefits of CBHF to?
a). Communities
•    Early access to health care services
•    Guaranteed treatment
•    Security of assets
•    Improved quality of health care services  
b). Health Providers
•    Guaranteed payment of bills
•    Efficiency in fund collection &management
•    Improved quality of health care services

Who are the beneficiaries?
STIPA is currently supporting 15 CBHF schemes in Nyanza region as shown in the CBHF map

Who could use CBHF approach?
CBHF is typically designed for the low and middle income earners especially those in the rural settings.

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Geographical location of schemes

  • Participatory Integrated Community Development Training
    22nd November 2015 – 2nd December 2015.

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