The project has so far reached 119 (M-36 F-83) donkey owners from 3 groups with 336 (M-167 F-169) donkeys. The three donkey owning groups were trained on husbandry practices such as construction of feeds storage facilities at household level, use of proper ropes for tethering, proper and comfortable harnesses for the donkeys’ comfort when carrying luggage and construction of shelters for the donkeys. The adoption on husbandry practices has reduced cases of bruises / wounds / sores caused by ropes used to balance the luggage on their backs as well as improved security as a result of safe shelters.

Key Achievements Achievements

A total of 66 donkey owners have registered and paid premium for the Community Donkey Insurance for Protection (CDIP) for a total of 90 donkeys. STIPA in collaboration with Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA) trained 16 government and private veterinary officers in Bondo, Nyakach and Rarieda Sub-Counties on microchips insertion. The microchips ensure easy identification of insured donkeys during treatment process. A total of 82 donkeys insured in Bondo Sub-County underwent microchips insertion. The implementation of the reporting framework in collaboration with the law enforcement agents saw a reduction in the cases of stolen or lost donkeys as the donkey owners are more vigilant. During the World Rabies Day 259 donkeys received quality health including vaccination against rabies; deworming, wound management and treatment of common donkey diseases. Partnership with local media houses has increased the project visibility as well as enhanced advocacy on the general donkey welfare. STIPA is a member of the Alliance for Donkey Working Organizations n Kenya (ADWOK), who are spear heading the ban on donkey slaughter in Kenya. The organization has nominated a representative from one of the donkeys owning groups in the Association of Donkey Owners in Kenya (ADOK) and that STIPA supports its activities.

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