Community Based Health Financing

The community based health financing (CBHF) Project - branded as Boresha Maisha presents a unique innovative approach that involves marginalized households forming Village peer Groups (VPGs) aimed at increasing food production, nutrition and improved household income to enable them pay for health insurance.

CBHF (Community Based Health Insurance) is the process of mobilizing community members to pool their resources together to access quality health care services in local health facilities. It is owned by the Community and managed by theschemes' elected leaders. STIPA has implemented CBHI in Western Kenya since 2005 and over 20,100 beneficiaries have accessed health care services using CBHI card.

BORESHA MAISHA CBHF Network comprises of all the groups /schemes in Western Kenya who have paid premium of KSH 2000 per household per year to access basic health care services. 36 schemes have registeredwith the network.

Improving Nutrition for Women and Children in Western Kenya

STIPA in partnership with SACK (Send a Cow Kenya) organization works in Busia county – Matayos and Teso South sub counties –Busibwabo and Ang’orom ward. Bungoma county- Bumula sub county, Kimaeti ward with a target of 20,800 beneficiaries to access quality and affordable health care through health financing, So far we have 4,285 beneficiaries accessing quality and affordable health care. Scheme working with JAKA, Nakhakina, Nasira, Karuchokinosi, Amani, Alung’oli , Matunda, Bitobo, Masielo, Nakhwana, Napara and Syombe. The project has so far Achieved the following: a total of 5 GMCs(Bungoma) and 7 GMCs (Busia ) reached, a total number of 732 households for 2019/2020 and 825 registered in 2020/2021, Number of people accessing treatment 2019/2020 was 1,645 beneficiaries while in 2020/2021 we have 2,640.