STIPA implemented the project titled: “Dissemination of Improved Bean Varieties Among Smallholder Farmers in Kisumu, Siaya and Vihiga Counties”, during March 10, 2020 to March 09, 2022. The bean varieties included Nyota - coloured red with brown stripes, Angaza - with brown stripes, and KAT B1 Yellow, which were developed by Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organization (KALRO). The varieties are early maturing, tolerant to diseases, high yielding, fast cooking and rich in proteins and mineral nutrients. The project was supported with funds provided by European Union (EU) and Government of Kenya (GoK), and was coordinated by AgriFI Climate Smart Agriculture Productivity Project (AgriFi CS APP).The main objective was to increase the adoption and production of KALRO-improved bean varieties in order to improve food security, nutrition and income among 1,350 smallholder farmers in Kisumu, Siaya and Vihiga Counties.

Key Achievements Achievements

By the end of the project, in March 2022, 4,574 direct beneficiary farmers, comprising 2,575 (56%) adult females, 1,119 (24%) adult males and 880 (20%) youths aged 18 - 35 years, had adopted production of KALRO improved bean varieties Nyota, Angaza and KAT B1 Yellow. STIPA had an initial target of 1,350 farmers, hence, the achievement tripled the intended reach. The 4,574 direct beneficiary farmers planted KALRO bean seeds on 5,709 acres, and harvested 2,345,249 kg. At the current market price of KES100/- per kg then, the estimated value of the produce was KES 234,524,900.00 (two hundred thirty-four million, five hundred twenty-four thousand, nine hundred Kenya Shillings only). The employment opportunities created by the project, during land preparation, planting, weeding, harvesting, grain processing, and transportation of inputs and produce, totalled 14,640 persons, where 13,908 (95%) were casual labourers and 732 (5%) were full-time employees. Gender segregation indicated adult males at 4,699 (32.1%), adult females at 6,676 (45.6%) and youth 3,265 (22.3%). The farmers indicated that they were gradually increasing the acreage of bean production as well as hiring an increasing number of workers. Households of 4,574 farmers are consuming the improved new bean varieties which have high iron and zinc. Farmers are also using income from beans to buy other foodstuffs and grains to accompany beans. The Nyota variety is in high demand for making “nyoyo” - boiled maize and beans, which is the most common meal in local boarding schools. The other varieties, Angaza and KAT B1, are in high demand for making bean stew that is eaten with rice or chapati. The farmers are also doing value addition by roasting and milling beans and mixing with other cereals such as maize, cassava, sorghum and millet, to make porridge flour. The fortified flour is more balanced in minerals and is nutritious

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