Community Based Health Financing Project gears towards empowering communities to access quality and affordable health care services. The project also applies enhanced partnership using the CBHFPlus Model that enables access to health care services through community-based Health Financing and upgrading to Universal Health Coverage, and National Hospital Insurance Fund.

Western Kenya Peace Initiatives project is implemented by a consortium of 12 organizations to address political and ethnic violence, that tends to reverse the gains achieved in the various development initiatives, by promoting peaceful, social, political & economic co-existence amongst the communities of Western Kenya.

Tunza Punda, Inua Jamii Project seeks to mitigate the impact of challenges facing donkeys and improve the welfare of donkeys and their owners in Kisumu and Siaya Counties.

Dissemination of the new Bean Varieties Project aims at strengthening the production of drought-resistant, high-yielding, and nutritious bean varieties among smallholder farmers in Kisumu, Siaya, and Vihiga counties, to reduce the national food deficit and increase household income.